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Circular 77: Malmö, Sweden: Culture and Sustainable Urban Development
Circular 76: Our presence in UCLG Congress of Rabat
Circular 75: Report of the meeting of the Committee held in Lille
Circular 74: Final declaration of UNESCO Congress of Hangzhou
Circular 73: Seminar “Cities, culture and future” in Buenos Aires
Circular 72: Montreal represents UCLG in United Nations debate on culture
Circular 71: Our meeting in Lille (26-28 June 2013): final programme
Circular 70: UCLG messages to the UNESCO Congress of HangzhouIII
Circular 69: Global Taskforce on Post-2015 Agenda and Habitat III
Circular 68: Events in the next months
Circular 67: 10th meeting - Lille, 26-27-28 June 2013
Circular 66: ECOSOC 2013 and the role of culture in sustainable development